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Silicone cover

Silicone cover for electronics parts

Item:Silicone cover for electronics parts
Material:Silicone rubber material
Hardness:10-90 Shore A
Color:Any color in pantone card is avaiable
Usage:Silicone cover for electronics protection and decoration
Production process:Silicone compression
    1.Silicone cover is the category of silicone gifts in silicone products, silicone cover is widely used in Mp3/Mp4 player, iPod,PDA, mobile phone,PSP, digital camera,GPS and other common personal consumer electronic products,to protect electronic products against falling, scratch.
    2.The silicone material is soft and flexible,which has cushion effect if the silicone cover thickness is enough and design reasonable. It‘s Can make the protected products with anti-fall function.

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