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The main defects during the silicone parts molding and the related improving measures

Time:2019-08-19 Views:95
1.Silicone parts surface with moulage and shining issue,this is because the mould with too high temperature,so we need to decrease the machine‘s temperature,if the issue still exist after temperature reduced,then the reason is that the mould surface need to be finishing,first dismount the mould from machine,and then do the surface finishing.Generally,the surface finishing including sand blasting,teflon spray,plating.Sand blasting is only a temporary solution to solve the surface issue,sand blasting is need before every production.Plating can better protect the surface of silicone mould,which plays the role of rust-proof and protection of the product‘s parting line,and the plating layer can not be fall off easily.The mould no need sand blasting after plating.Teflon can protect the mould surface as well,but it‘s life time is not as long as the plating,the teflon layer will be strip off after a period.The mould no need for sand blasting before production.
2.For some silicone rubber keypads which has load requirements,such as silicone keypads for remote controller,silicone keypads for POS machine etc,the button load may be higher or lower than the standard,this is because the mould temperature is too high or too low.As per the industry standard,the silicone keypads load is 150±30N/g,the reason why the load is high,is that the mould temperature is too high,we need adjust the machine temperature lower.On the contrast,if the load is low,we need to low the machine‘s temperature.And above that the material hardness is also the factor to affect the keypads load,this is because the material hardness has its tolerance ±3 shore A,high hardness will cause the load high,and low hardness will cause the keypad‘s load low.
3.Product short of material or too thick after molding,this is because the operator did not weight the material before molding or the material placing method is incorrect.