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How to order customized silicone rubber keypads?

Time:2019-09-02 Views:29
Many customers want to make customized silicone rubber keypads for their electronic products,but they do not know what‘s the information need to provide to the keypad factory for the silicone keypads making,here I am introducing the materials needed for making customized silicone rubber keypads.

1.The best and fastest way is provide the 3d file for the keypads and the related craft file,the keypads factory to make the silicone rubber mould with it in short time.

2.To provide silicone rubber keypads sample,we can have the sample to scan the 3d data and make 3d file,and then make the keypads mould.

3.Provide product shell which the keypads will be installed on it or PCB drawing,we can design the 3d drawing with these information,as long as providing silicone keypads height.
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