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Different silicone rubber parts requires different silicone rubber material

Time:2018-01-09 Views:259
In silicone rubber parts industry,as everyone knows,there are many types of silicone rubber material.We can dvide silicone rubber material by colors,by food grade levels,such as FDA,LFGB and DGCCRF etc,by heat resistant requirements.

Today I introduce different silicone material for the silicone parts making,the material can be devided by two natural colors,transparent and semi-transparent(below we called common silicone material),basically the cost of silicone material with transparent color is expensive than the semi-transparent silicone,and the semi-transparent silicone were commonly used for the common silicone rubber parts making,which means no sepcial requirements needed for the silicone parts.Transparent silicone is often used for the silicone keypads which need laser etching,and requires backlit. Normally those silicone parts made with silicone material is meet ROHS,REACH test.

The silicone material can meet American FDA,German LFGB,French DGCCRF.The common silicone material can pass FDA food grade test normally.If need the higher food grade standard,the higher grade silicone is required,and after molding the silicone parts need to be post cured by two steps,first step put the molded silicone rubber into the pure water for boiling over for 4 hours,and after dry put the silicone parts into the oven for baking for over 4 hours with the temperature of 180℃ as second step,and after post cure process the parts can pass LFGB test.French DGCCRF is the highest food grade standard,which requires the imported silicone material like German wacker,the two steps post cure process as mentioned above is also needed.To meet FDA,LFGB,DGCCRF,the most important is thing is choose the high grade vulcanizing agent with no irritating odor,otherwise it can not pass food grade tests.

According to the different temperature resistance, silicone material can be divided into ordinary silicone material and high temperature resistant silicone material.The ordinary silicone material can resist temperature of 200℃,but for the higher temperature resistant silicone material,the heat resistance can be 260℃-320℃,of course this silicone material cost is much expensive than the ordinary silicone.

The silicone material can be also devide by high tensile tension material,and non high tensile tension material.

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